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          They discuss issues raised by the students from across the College, meet regularly with the Headteacher and fundraise for chosen charities. Each member of the Council has a unique responsibility and area of expertise and two students take the roles of 优等生 and 头的女孩.





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          1我是Chloe和我很自豪能够成为当前头的女孩在这里体育外围 - 体育投注官网app下载。

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          我已经彻底喜欢我的第一年,我期待着与工作委员会今年剩下来执行这些遗产做出更大体育外围 - 体育投注官网app下载的希望!




          1. Addenbrooke的儿童医院

          However, due to the nature of the quality of treatment at Addenbrooke’s it is very busy and therefore very difficult for children who require urgent medical attention to gain a place there, hence, the need for a children’s hospital.  The hospital itself is set to treat anyone in need of urgent medical care up the age of 21.

          This is a cause that we as council feel very strongly about, as it can affect any child our age and in this case even Mr Browning’s own daughter, since her recovery we as a council believe that we should make every effort to help see this projected completed.



          The Big C was launched in 1980, with the aim that the people of Norfolk & Waveney would have access to the best treatment and support in their local areas.  It was discovered that travelling between hospitals in London and Cambridge was often harder than the treatment itself.  Since the creating of the Big C appeal they have raised over £32,000,000, going towards Surgical and diagnostic equipment at Norfolk's hospital meaning that many people diagnosed with cancer can be treated closer to home.




          The Shed is a place where men can go and interact with other men in a safe and non-judgmental environment. This environment is created within a facility where practical activities can be engaged with the assistance of skilled men and a strong sense of community.

          At the College, we remember that both men and women are affected equally by troubling events and that the issues that men face are commonly hidden or not talked about.  We decided to make a strong effort to change this ideology to make to ensure the wellbeing of all our students is paramount.


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